Attraction through Education!!

Having difficulty getting through to your prospects and engaging with them??   I discussed ways of enhancing your direct mail efforts not long ago.  This post is about the phone and e-mail. Do your prospects not return your calls or e-mails?

Join the club.  Finding ways to get your target population to respond to your marketing is THE hardest part of marketing.

Getting the attention of your prospects is something that most businesses struggle with.   The approaches which have historically worked no longer do.  You have to absolutely blow them away in a few seconds or be the one getting blown away….

What is required is to develop a “Superior Access Vehicle”.  A what you ask??  Is this some kind of new concept car which looks really cool and is easy to get in and out of???

No, a Superior Access Vehicle, also known as an Attraction Marketing Device,  is a book, document, report, article, essay, white paper or some other type of education based information which will get your prospect WANTING to speak with you.  Not grudgingly sparing a few minutes for a quick pitch, but really wanting to hear what you have to say and to learn from you.  The antithesis of them giving you the ultimate slap in the face where they tell you:  “Sounds good, send me a brochure”, or “what’s your website? I’ll go take a look”.

Anytime you hear those words, know that they have absolutely no intention of actually reading your brochure or visiting your site; they’re blowing you off.   Before I understood the concept of education based marketing and would hear those words from my prospects, I would tell them “I tell you what, I’m going to save us both some time.  I’ll take a brand new brochure and throw it out now!!”.   It always elicited a chuckle from them and even sometimes got them to agree to meet with me.  But there are better ways to get them WANTING to speak with you.

The marketing masters I’ve worked for such as Chet Holmes, bestselling author of “The Ultimate Sales Machine”; Gerry Robert, bestselling author of “The Millionaire Mindset” and Tony Robbins, who needs no introduction; all recommend using the approach of education based marketing.

Give before you receive.  Do things from the heart.  Gain credibility via the written word.  Become THE authority in your marketplace.  Ultimately, once you buy-in to this process, you need to create a superior access vehicle or attraction marketing device.  By doing so, you will gain the attention of your prospects more quickly and easily, and get them WANTING to talk to you.

By the way, you will also crush your competition; protect your current clients from being taken away; be invited to all those groups you’ve been trying to get into; increase your margins; and even get other people to pay for your marketing!!!

One of the most incredible statistics I am aware of is from my days working with Chet Holmes.  Chet had identified that it now takes 8 touches to get a prospect to speak with you.  Eight!!!  Lesson One from this statistic is don’t give up!!  Lesson Two is that you better have a good reason for them to speak with you.  That’s where your SAV or AMD will come in.

Components of a great SAV or AMD would include details that are market data driven versus product data.  Don’t just use this device as a way to discuss one of your products.  Truly find amazing information that will make them say “WOW!!!  I didn’t know that!!”  Teach them things.  Let them benefit from your experience.  It feels great and it builds rapport, value and clients(rather than customers).  Find statistics online or cull them from your existing database that will get them really thinking.

Are you in the real estate business??  Create a report on “Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make When Selling their Home” or “Five Ways to Buy Your Dream House”.

Mortgage business??  How about something like “Ten Biggest Over-sites People Make When Trying to Secure a Mortgage” or
“Top Ten Reasons Why Homeowners Get Turned Down”.

Hairdresser?  Create reports on keeping permed hair curly longer, or keeping the color in colored hair longer.

Accountant?  Teach your individual tax clients about taxes:  “Top Ten Mistakes Individuals Make When Filing a Return”.

Drainage consultant selling to larger property managers: Provide them with a free copy of your book/report “The A to Z Toolkit on Property Management”, or something along those lines.

Call me NOW to schedule a meeting to discuss your unique value proposition.  I also know many people who can help you to create these tools and get your education based marketing program up and running.

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  1. Mitch Very Infromative and many great points about atraction Marketing. I like the report Idea for the target you are trying to attract. Keep going and Thanks again

  2. Thanks Doug!!! I’ll be updating soon….and plan on updating regularly. There’s also a few other articles that I’d love your opinion on as well….

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