Any Journey Starts with the First Step

While working for the #1 Peak Performance Coach on the planet, Tony Robbins, my dear friend Bob Sears and I had the great honor to Walk on Fire at one of Tony’s Unleash The Power weekend events.
With my bare feet!!! Yikes!!!

Even though I had done extensive research on walking on fire in preparation for the event, and knew that if I followed the directions I couldn’t really get burned, it was still quite a daunting experience.
On day one of the event, we prepared for hours and hours for the walk.
Tony had us visualizing the experience.
Over and over again.
He explained the process and demonstrated how to do it.
He made jokes about doing it wrong and ending up with charred, bloody stumps.
He had us create our own personalized “move” which we were to perform just prior to taking the first step.
We practiced our “move” over and over again. Thousands of people each making their own “move”. All kinds of different moves were being practiced. It was intense.
We also each created a final, post walk move. Something to be done after the walk to set it into our brains and designed to help us to recall the experience at a later date easily.
I was now prepared mentally and physically to DO this.
Thousands of us lined up in our bare feet with our pants rolled up to our knees in front of dozens of fire areas.
Each one about 3 feet wide and 12 feet long with burning embers eerily glowing.
Loud music played with hypnotic, rhythmic beats.
The glow of the fires lit peoples faces up making them look scary. Much like holding a flashlight under your chin.
The anticipation continued to grow as I watched those in front of me make their move and do their walk.
Finally it was my turn.
But first, they added more hot coals to the pit I was to walk over. Oh, the joy!! New, fresh, hot , glowing coals.
I stepped up to the front of the line. I performed my “move” to get psyched up.
I stared into the shimmering, flickering, sparkling embers absolutely mesmerized.
The assistant assigned to my group reminded me to stare straight ahead and to not to look down.
As directed, I repeated the mantra “cool moss” over and over again.
I looked straight ahead.
I performed my “move” again.
I visualized getting to the other side and celebrating.
The assistant told me to “GO”.
So I did!
And with that, I took my first step.
cool moss…
Then another.
cool moss….
And another.
cool moss….
And another.
cool moss…
Then miraculously, I was at the other side where another assistant slowed me down, stopped me from walking and sprayed my feet down with water to make sure that no coals or embers were stuck to my feet.
Then it was celebration time!! I made my post walk move and proceeded to jump for joy.
Celebrating is critical to commemorate the completion of something important. A ruckus, vocal, fist pumping celebration!!!
It feels so good to celebrate success.

What I learned from this experience is that any journey starts with that first step. That you can do anything if you set your mind to it and prepare.
That visualization is extremely important when looking to complete a task.
See it complete in your minds eye. Your subconscious is an amazing thing.
Tell it what you would like to do or achieve and repeat it over and over again and your subconscious will find a way to make it happen.
My friend and one time mentor, Gerry Robert likes to call this the Captain and the Crew.
Your Conscious self and your brain being the Captain; and your subconscious the crew.
Use the technique of spaced repetition to continue to enforce what you are looking to accomplish.
We all know the technique of writing down a goal.
Spaced repetition has you writing the goal every day, not just once. This approach allows your Crew to start the process of setting your goal deep into your psyche.

It is that first step which is the hardest; but once taken, you are on the path to completion.

So, I urge you, TAKE THAT FIRST STEP by writing down your goal, then use spaced repetition to enforce it, and trust the process.

Mitch Zucker
Firewalker Development Group

3 thoughts on “Any Journey Starts with the First Step

  1. Hi Mitch,

    This is a great article you’ve written.
    Just reading it makes me feel like I was right there watching
    and spurring you on.

    Congratulations for completing it.

    Valerie Lothian

  2. Thank you for sharing this. My good friend is at UPW in West Palm Beach now and today is his firewalk. I go next month to Tony’s Date with destiny seminar. Cant wait.

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