The Single Biggest Mistake Most Companies Make With Their Articles

Congratulations to those of you who are taking an educational approach to your marketing by creating articles. Article marketing is one of the best ways to attract your target population.

Offering to educate your clients/prospects and get them saying “Wow! I didn’t know that!” is essential to building your credibility and attracting more people more quickly. See my recent article on “Attraction Through Education“.

Some of the articles I have seen recently posted in the LinkedIn groups or Facebook Fan pages I visit have titles such as “Top Ten Reasons…..” or “5 Best Ways…..” or “9 Tips….” or “10 Best Tools…” and many other similar ones.

Most of these just don’t really get attention nor get your target population to WANT to click in. When I view these article posts, there are few “likes”. These types of titles just don’t get attention. They are too commonplace, and even worse, quite often I find that the poster didn’t even create the content!! They are simply linking to an article which they read. I would highly recommend that you create your own content.

At it’s core, Education based attraction marketing is designed to position YOU as THE authority in your marketplace. Linking to other peoples content does nothing to help YOU enhance your credibility and status in the marketplace.

Think back to Sales 101. Generally speaking and skipping some steps, you are looking to:

Identify needs, uncover the pain, and show them how you can resolve that pain for them. Yet most people totally forget this when creating their articles.

The reality is that your prospects are much more likely to be interested in pain avoidance. Think about it, when do most people, particularly men, go to the Doctor? Or when does a married couple go to counseling?? The answers to both are “when they have a problem…”

Do we realize that being proactive and preemptive is a better strategy?? For sure, but the reality is most people don’t act that way. They wait until there is a problem before taking action.

Article marketing is about getting your target to TAKE ACTION. To click in to your article and then to opt-in to your followup system.

So try this with your next article. Instead of offering “Top Ten this” or “5 Best that”, go the pain avoidance route. No-one wants to make mistakes or errors, or commit sins…..

“Ten Biggest Errors….”, or “5 Worst….”, “Single Biggest Mistake….”, “9 Sins….” and other titles along these lines. Use words like Error, Gaffe, Worst, Mistake, Oversight, Sins, etc.

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