Buy, Buy, Buy leads to Bye-Bye

There are no shortcuts in the sales process.  I see regularly when creating posts on Facebook or LinkedIn, at networking events or even on live sales calls, people who are just selling, selling, selling….virtually begging people to buy, buy, buy…this approach leads your prospects to say “Bye-Bye”.

We save you time!!  We save you money!!  We’re great!!  You need to buy from us now…we have the best deals today….buy now…this style is one of the Five Biggest Mistakes businesses make with their marketing which I have previously discussed and which are summarized here:
1:  Act like a salesperson and you’ll be treated like one
2:  Sounding Just like your competitors
3:  Not Building TOMA
4:  Not Participating
5:  Margins are too low

They haven’t built any rapport, done a needs analysis, built any value for their prospect, created any desire or anything.  They haven’t given anything before asking for an order.

The single best way to attract more prospects more quickly is through an education based attraction marketing approach.  Give before you get…

To dominate your marketplace and crush your competition, you must be viewed as credible.  The alternative is to be a bottom feeder and just one more of the pack.  Differentiate yourself from your competition, teach your prospects something of value to themselves and reap the rewards.

Your prospects will be willing to spend more with you than with your competition if you take a higher interest in their needs and problems; and prove it by helping them.  Show them the many mistakes that their competitors have made; and show them how not to make these same mistakes.

Educate them.  Help them.  Run webinars, seminars, or other types of teaching/learning experiences.  Hand out free reports, white papers, newsletters, newspapers, or even give them a FREE copy of your book.  You can reserve a FREE downloadable version of MY upcoming Book co-authored with international bestselling author Gerry Robert, by clicking on the form on this page!!!  Just over here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Write insightful articles which help them to avoid pain.

ANY type of business can do this…

Financial Services provider??  Offer regular seminars or webinars on the biggest mistakes most people make with their financial decisions.

Real Estate Broker??  Teach people how to buy a home for less money or how to prepare their home for sale to make more money.

Mortgage Broker??  Stop pushing rates and teach people what it takes to help themselves to get better rates and qualify for better, lower interest loans.

Credit Card Processor??  teach business owners how to understand their statements better and the real charges they are paying versus what they think they’re paying.

If done correctly, not only will you will be more credible, get more business, make more money on that business, but you can also get other companies to pay for your marketing.  That’s right!!  Get others to pay for your marketing….

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