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I attended Jeffrey Gitomer’s event in London, Ontario this week as a sponsor.   Being a Jersey guy, I really connected with his style and message.   As with my businesses, and many other top marketing pro’s, he totally supports and recommends the position of education based marketing on all levels.  From reports and white papers to blogging and right up to authoring a book.

Although he is commonly looked at as a trainer and speaker, Jeffrey considers himself first and foremost an author.

If you want to be looked at as a resource to your prospects then you also need to write, write, write.  And I don’t mean posting links to other peoples content.  The content has to be fresh, relevant, helpful, educational, and YOURS….steering people to other peoples content does nothing to raise you up in the minds of your target population.   It does nothing to enhance your credibility nor create an aura of authority surrounding you.

If you want to attract people to you rather than cold calling and otherwise wasting your time chasing prospects who are not leaning forward, then you must give to them first.  You must educate them and give to them.  As Jeffrey likes to say “People Don’t Like to Be Sold, But They LOVE to Buy!!”

Unfortunately most companies just totally don’t understand this.  They spend their time selling, selling, selling.  They have their salespeople out cold calling and using other time draining, inefficient strategies which don’t work.    In the NOW economy, educating and otherwise differentiating yourself is how to gain market dominance.

It starts with becoming THE authority in YOUR marketplace to attract to you prospects who need what you have.  The single finest way to do this is to write a book.  Now we’re not talking about authoring War and Peace here.  What Gerry Robert, Bob Proctor and others have been advocating for years is to write a book designed to be given away to your prospects and clients.

There are numerous strategies you can use to allow your book to help you get in front of your best prospects.

Here’s what one of our clients recently wrote:  “This is amazing! I just had to come in and share: usually I would call companies to offer my services and the “gatekeepers” (receptionist or manager’s secretaries) would do the impossible to NOT connect me to the managers. Today I started calling to get the CEO’s names and addresses: I say I’m the author of “Book Title” and I want to send the manager a free copy of my book… they immediately give me all the information!! Thanks Gerry Robert!!”

She went on further to say:  I even got “congratulations on your book” and “your title is great”, “we all need to learn effective communication, yes please send him a copy”… amazing!”

How would you like to get that kind of response from your prospects??  It’s easier than you can imagine.

Write a book and reap the rewards.

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