Stop delivering checks to employees and Go Green!!!

Most payroll companies offer a “Green” option.  If all of your employees are on direct deposit and you have been paying for Courier delivery of your payroll reports then call your payroll company and ask them if they have a green option.
Most payroll companies, particularly the biggest ones in the marketplace have paperless options, however they make so much money on courier delivery they will rarely offer it to you proactively.  You need to request it or even sometimes demand it.

PayPros, Inc. offers a paperless payroll option.  We discuss it and offer it initially to our prospects.  In many states, including Massachusetts where I am based, employers can actually dictate to their employees to accept an electronic delivery of payroll.  You can’t force an employee to open a bank account if they don’t have one, but you can have them accept their net pay on a “Pay Card”.  These are debit cards which we “load” with the employees net pay every payday.  I will be soon discussing pay cards in more depth in another tip.

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