Year End Payroll Planning Tip #9: Time and Attendance Tracking

Keeping track of your employees time and attendance is an essential business process.  Their are many options to do so.  One of the most important ways to manage employee time and attendance is to have a process in place.  I’ve seen everything from a director of a large physician group with over 30 employees who was receiving e-mails from all employees every day noting time in, lunch out, lunch in, and time out, to sheets of paper the employees are supposed to hand in to supervisors.  Options also include using your point of sale system or your practice management system.

Having a real time system to do so may save your company a LOT of money.  It’s pretty common that employers have NO effective system to do so.  This leaves you open to making bad decisions related to overtime and to being taken advantage of.

Overtime Management:

Get better at managing overtime and reap the rewards.  If you understand exactly where everyone on your staff stands related to overtime, when you need extra hours from people you can ask those employees who will cost you the least.  If you simply walk into the break room or the sales floor and ask who wants to work extra hours, you are likely to get positive answers from those who would surpass their 40 hours and would require you to pay overtime.  Alternatively, if you understand where everyone is with their hours, you can cherry pick through your staff and pinpoint those employees who would probably like the extra time but won’t trigger any overtime costs to you.

Don’t Be Taken Advantage of:

Have a better tool to track time and reduce the opportunity for employees to take advantage of you.  For instance, contractors who have employees just showing up at an offsite location can use gps based services to identify exactly where the employee is punching in from.

When an employee is consistently just a few minutes late, or leaves a few minutes early, the cost to your company can be great.  15 minutes here, 15 minutes there, adds up to real money and also creates an unhealthy environment with employees who are always on time.  If you pay someone $20/hour and they get in late by 15 minutes and leave early by 15 minutes every day, that costs $10/day plus the associated increase in employer paid matching taxes.  The additional time you’re paying for which wasn’t actually worked would cost you $2500/year/employee in this example.  Add in your fica match and add another almost $200/year/employee.  Total:  $2700/year/employee.  Further, the indirect cost to your company will be the bad will created with the employees who are actually on time everyday.

The good news is that many payroll companies, including ConnectPay, have tools to help.

Time Tracking Options

ConnectPay™ offers a variety of time and attendance tools, including a standard time clock that employees can manually log in and out on using an employee code or with an employee card similar to a credit card. ConnectPay™ also offers a finger print reader for biometric punching, a voice clock so that employees on the road can log in and out of work over the phone, and a web clock for employees to log in and out of work on their computers. ConnectPay™ time and attendance systems are fully automated and web based so management can monitor and edit employee timecards 24/7 using a secure username and password from any computer with an internet connection.

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