Connecting The Dots–Harmonizing

So my girlfriend and I went to see Crosby, Stills and Nash last night at Monmouth University in NJ.  Their amazing harmonizing and longevity got me thinking about building teams.


hillarycrozandiHere I am with my girlfriend Hillary and David Crosby who we had the honor to meet after the show.

ConnectPay‘s owners, Michael Young and Paul Altavena, understand one of the biggest truth’s in business:

You need great people, working together in harmony, to attract and retain clients and centers of influence. 

They very carefully and methodically created and then add to the amazing team here at ConnectPay.  They rely on their intuition, but also like to leave nothing to chance, so they do a pre-employment  personality test on each employee.    These tests help them make sure that potential employees have the right stuff.   They can double check for common values and behaviors to make sure they’ll fit in with the rest of us.

They have declined to hire people who didn’t fair well on these tests, although that really isn’t the purpose.  More importantly, they have been able to identify strength’s and weaknesses of new employee’s to identify training opportunities, task assignment and coaching.

To stay in harmony, we have monthly meetings bringing the entire team, operations, as well as sales, together looking to identify best practices and changes we may want to consider.  These meetings have led to numerous enhancements in how we deal with challenges internally and maximizes the value that our clients enjoy by being our clients.

They pay us well, give us great benefits, have team building activities and events all looking to maintain an engaged, happy work force.

We have very carefully identified our target market and don’t get distracted by trying to be who we are not.  As Michael likes to say we have no desire to be all things to all people.  However, we do look to provide 100% of what 95% of the market needs at 75% of the typical cost.  We  send out a questionnaire to our clients every year looking for their input.  After all, it’s all about them at the end of the day.  Their input allows us to continue to plan for the future and make sure we are providing what they need/want.

I ask you, is your company in harmony??  Have you carefully selected your team and your target market??  Do you look for opportunities on your team for coaching/training?

In Harmony,

Mitch Zucker
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