Connecting The Dots–Goal Setting Time!!!–The Captain and the Crew

Welcome to year end 2014!

Most people are working on setting their goals for the upcoming year right now.  Their are numerous strategies for goal setting.  One of the most popular being setting SMART goals.  What are SMART goals??


Your goals should push you to overachieve while at the same time being realistic.

Everyone knows the strategy of writing down your goals.  Most people agree that writing them down helps to reinforce them.

My one time mentor Gerry Robert, international best selling author of the book “The Millionaire Mindset” and a leading consultant on self publishing books details an even better strategy.

The Captain and The Crew

Gerry’s Captain and Crew analogy  explains the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the Captain and the subconscious mind is the Crew. The subconscious mind (Crew) listens to the instructions given by the conscious mind (Captain), and obediently brings the instructions into reality.

One important thing to note is the Crew is not capable of formulating its own thinking. If the Captain fails to give specific instruction to the Crew, the Crew will just take ANY instruction passed to it and bring it to reality.

So how can you use this strategy to hit your goals??

As Gerry points out in “The Millionaire Mindset”, “People can direct their subconscious minds to eliminate doubt, create better results, change relationships, and attract everything they need into their lives. How? By using the captain and crew concept.

The captain is your conscious mind. When you think something, it is viewed as a command by the crew. The purpose of the crew is to fulfill all of the commands of the captain. So when you think, “I’m so tired,” your crew interprets this as a command from the captain and produces “tiredness” in your body.

It can be scary, but think about this: Every thought you have becomes a command to the crew. Whatever you think, the crew will hear as an order and oblige the captain. Your crew is your subconscious mind. It exists to obey the captain. It responds instantly and automatically like clockwork. It is a law and it is always true. The crew responds to the captain’s command. No matter what you say as the captain, the crew will interpret it as a command and move into action to make that thing happen. The crew only has a one word vocabulary and that word is “YES.” “

This is similar to the Law of Attraction in that if you are always thinking about negative things in your life, you will attract more of that into your world.  If you are always thinking of what you lack, such as money, you will attract more of that lack!  Cut it out!!!

Spaced Repetition

Use Gerry’s strategy of “Spaced Repetition” to command your Crew to find the way to hit your goals.  Spaced Repetition involves working on this over a period of time.

Try this with your goals this year: Train your “crew” daily using the Magic 30-Day Exercise

Write out your goals EVERY DAY!!!  Saying it isn’t enough.  Writing it down once isn’t enough.  Write it out fresh EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Try it for 30 days and see if it has an impact on your life.

I wish you all the best for having a super fantastic 2015!

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