The best kissers are always leaning forward

Marketing in the new era

A few years back I worked under the tutelage of the international bestselling author, Gerry Robert.  He wrote a world renowned book called The Millionaire Mindset.  You’ve probably heard of it.

Gerry allowed me at one point to customize with quotations and personal stories a book which he wrote Leads, Where to Find ‘Em, How to Pull ‘Em, How to Convert ‘Em Faster and Easier.


I tripped over this book the other day and was reminded of some really great comments which I had used in the book and which I’d like to share with you to get your creative juices flowing.

“You can’t kiss someone who is backing away from
you. The best kissers are always leaning forward.
That’s what you need to get prospects doing… leaning
toward you.”  Gerry Robert

Below is a great quote I used in the book by Chet Holmes.  I worked for a Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins business called Business Breakthroughs International and became quite knowledgeable of many of Chet’s techniques.  Many people credit Chet with creating the entire “education based marketing” approach.  What some people now call “content marketing”.

“You will attract more people more quickly by offering to teach them something of value to themselves rather than just trying to sell them something.”
Chet Holmes — Author of “The Ultimate Sales Machine”

I just had this discussion with one of my son’s the other day about the Golden Rule vs. the Platinum Rule.  The Golden rule is nice and something everyone should aspire to, however the Platinum Rule is a better way of interacting with people.

“The Golden Rule no longer applies, people don’t necessarily want to be treated the way YOU would like to be.
I like the Platinum Rule as a way to become more endeared by more people:

Treat People the Way THEY Want to be Treated”*

I’ll add more soon.  If you would like a copy of the book I did with Gerry, feel free to send me a message asking and I’ll send you a downloadable copy.

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*Karl Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies, Vol. 2 (1966 [1945]), p. 386. Dubbed “the platinum rule” in business books such as Charles J. Jacobus, Thomas E. Gillett, Georgia Real Estate: An Introduction to the Profession, Cengage Learning, 2007, p. 409 and Jeremy Comfort, Peter Franklin, The Mindful International Manager: How to Work Effectively Across Cultures, Kogan Page, p. 65.



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