The Single Biggest Mistake Real Estate Brokers and Other Service Providers Make with Their Direct Mail

If you are a real estate broker, or other service provider such as accountant, financial services rep., insurance broker, etc., looking to differentiate yourself from the large pack of competitors out there, look no further.

I wrote about getting direct mail opened FIVE YEARS AGO!  You can read that article HERE.  Nothing has changed since then except the market place has gotten even fuller making it harder than ever to separate yourself from the pack.

The bottom line is that if you want direct mail to get opened, send bulky correspondence!

My recommendation is to create educational pieces teaching your clients/prospects something essential.  Perhaps “Five Biggest Mistakes Home Sellers Make” or “10 Things Not To Do When Selling Your Home” or  “Best Practices for Preparing Your Home for a Quick Sale over Asking Price.”  You get the idea.

If you want the envelope to actually get opened, you must include something bulky.

For a general introductory mailing to potential home sellers, you could include something like these plantable coasters with an article about preparing the outside of the home for a quick sale, something like “Five Biggest Blunders Made with Curb Appeal.”


Click HERE for an article on strategies for Real Estate brokers and a full range of products to get your creative juices flowing.

Call me now to create YOUR direct mail strategy.  I’m in the process of creating an extensive Gifting program for Real Estate brokers selling premium homes.  When working in the $1,000,000+ marketplace, the standard of email marketing just doesn’t cut it.

Mitch Zucker

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