Payroll Tips For Small Businesses

What Small Businesses Need To Know About Payroll

The best time to switch payroll companies is coming up shortly with the start of the New Year.  NOW is the time to start reviewing your current payroll solution to decide whether it is still the right solution for you.  Many things about your business may have changed since you made the decision to utilize your current system. 

If you have had any of the following changes to your company, it is critical to do a review of the processes you currently use:

  • added or reduced the number of employees you have
  • started or stopped paying employees in states outside of your home state
  • changed workers compensation, retirement, or health insurance providers
  • started or stopped using a POS or practice management time and attendance system
  • started with or changed outsourced bookkeeper
  • merged with another company
  • changed your corporate entity type

I have posted extensively with articles helping small businesses to understand payroll better.  There are many hidden dangers in doing payroll incorrectly.  Don’t make the most common mistakes and avoid these dangers.

Here’s some of my best articles

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