Builders (and other small businesses) Beware

Managing a contracting firm, or any small business, is complex.  You probably started as a framer for someone else and thought, “I can do this.”  Although you’re probably a fabulous framer, you quickly found out that running a business is hard.  Really hard.

You have to juggle finding new customers, estimating, scheduling of client appointments and employees, invoicing, collecting money, purchasing, subcontractors, cash flow, bookkeeping, hiring, payroll, taxes, social media, website, email marketing, other marketing, and so much more.

The Builders Concierge Service is here to help.  Our collection of local subcontractors and business services vendors will be providing ongoing articles, white papers, blog posts, and webinars, to help residential builders to address the myriad of issues which they run into regularly.

For instance, many Contractors do their own payroll.  They think that they’re saving time and saving money.  Once taking into account their time, effort, energy, office resources, and more, it’s rarely the case.
Additionally, they often miss the very important Job Costing component which helps them to apply ALL employment related costs to a particular project.  Lack of proper understanding of true costs of labor contribute to why many firms don’t make as much money as they should.

Here’s an article on Doing Your Own Payroll Vs. Outsourcing Payroll

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