Don’t be the last to do this


One of the best ways to promote your business all year long is through a wall calendar.  Yes, a traditional wall calendar.

Virtually every family hangs a calendar to manage their busy agendas.  But they only hang ONE.

To get your calendar onto that coveted wall space and keep your business front and center all year long, you need to be the first out. Order your calendars NOW!

There are literally hundreds of options for you.  You can highlight your business and your favorite type of image.  Kittens/puppys, cars, Americana, New England images, sports, something related to your business, inspirational messages, wildlife, waterfalls, and hundreds of other ideas including using your own custom pictures.

Contact me now to discuss what would be best for YOU!

But make sure to do it NOW!  The early bird gets the wall space.  Don’t wait till the last minute or your calendar ends up in the trash or in someone’s trunk.

Here’s just a few options:




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