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Having spent almost five years as an award winning member, committee chairperson, volunteer Board of Director, and full time employee of a nonprofit Builders Association, Mitch has learned quite a bit about the challenges of operating a residential building/remodeling firm.  Unlike most industries where most companies belong to their trade association, only about 1% of residential builders belong to theirs.  With that knowledge in mind, he’s designed the Builders Concierge Service Of Southeastern Mass to address the two biggest challenges of this type of organization:

  1. finding the best LOCAL subcontractors and business services vendors quickly and efficiently
  2. having access to continuing education credits to get, or maintain, their license.

As a small to mid-sized residential builder, you know that you need to stay focused on getting the work done on your projects.  Every time you need a new sub or vendor, it’s a huge distraction which pulls you away from your primary mission of getting your current project(s) completed on time and under budget.

The Builders Concierge Service is here to provide you quick access to the best LOCAL subcontractors and business vendors.  We know and have worked with each vendor before. They will return calls and work with you on your projects or your business as you need.

If you are a residential builder in Southeastern Massachusetts who could benefit from becoming more efficient, saving money, having access to better subs, discounted continuing education, access to building scientists for code questions, and more, then contact us to schedule an appointment to learn more about the Builders Concierge Service.
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Not only will participation in the Builders Concierge Service gain you access to local contractors and vendors, you will also receive access to discounted continuing education CSL test preparation classes as well as ongoing continuation education credits; access to building scientists to better understand the Building Code; and many other discount programs and unique offerings.


In return for an appointment to learn more about this first-in-the-nation concept, or for becoming a subscriber to our service, we will arrange for:

  • a free review of the contracts you are using.  If you are like most contractors, your contracts are pretty old and haven’t been reviewed in many years. You could very well be opening yourself up to big challenges.
  • a free review of your website and social media pages
  • a free review of your expenses to see if any can be reduced

   The BCS Fill Exchange   *NEW*

We know that finding fill and disposing of fill is a very important and often very costly aspect of all new home construction projects.
The Builders Concierge Service has the answer.
All builder subscribers to our service will have access to our BCS Fill Exchange service. We will match builders looking for fill with those looking to dispose of their fill.
A Win-Win for everyone.

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