Three Things to NEVER Do At A Networking Event

Many people know that I do a lot of networking.  A LOT!  To the point where I won an award in 2016 at one of my networking groups, which has multiple chapters and hundreds of members, for the “Most Ubiquitous Networker.” I’ve belonged to weekly lead generation groups and have attended hundreds of evening networking… Read More


National Payroll Week–Hire a Veteran!

This week is National Payroll Week.  I urge you to celebrate with your current employees.  It’s a great way to build your team and acknowledge that you appreciate them. However, I also know that many of my friends, particularly in the trades, are having great difficulty finding good help.   Let me help you with… Read More


The Single Biggest Mistake Real Estate Brokers and Other Service Providers Make with Their Direct Mail

If you are a real estate broker, or other service provider such as accountant, financial services rep., insurance broker, etc., looking to differentiate yourself from the large pack of competitors out there, look no further. I wrote about getting direct mail opened FIVE YEARS AGO!  You can read that article HERE.  Nothing has changed since… Read More


Mobile Phone Accessories

  Everyone has a cell phone nowadays.  Better brand your business by taking advantage of this trend.  There are many unique and creative products for you to put your company logo on which will keep you Top of Mind as most people have their phones with them 24/7.  Therefore seeing YOUR logo 24/7. Click HERE… Read More


Made in the USA

The world of promotional products are replete with products from overseas.  This keeps costs down on hundreds of thousands of really cool corporate branding products, but it also contributes to less jobs here in the USA. Have your cake and eat it too The Firewalker Development Group, through the J2 Design Group, can help with… Read More


Golf Outing Best Practices and a Great Post Event Idea

FORE! There are still many outings happening this summer and into the fall.  I’ve played in many golf outings/tournaments, and have been on committees developing the outings. Wish I knew some these ideas. Pre-Tournament You’ll want to send out invitations to your tournament three months before the event itself. The invitations should clearly state the… Read More

Connecting The Dots- Maximum Overtime… Does It Affect Your Company?

ConnectPay Payroll Services is monitoring the changes to overtime laws coming into effect on December 1, 2016, to see how it may affect our clients. Below is some of our findings. The overtime rule Overtime pay at a rate not less than one and one-half times the regular rate of pay is required after 40 hours of work… Read More