Connecting the Dots–Worker Classification or 1099 vs. W-2 workers

Worker Classification Do’s and Don’ts I was recently asked by the Massachusetts Society of CPA’s to do a presentation on worker classification.  This is the age old dilemma of classifying workers as either W-2 Employees or Independent Contractors.  The presentation went over really well and I created a leave behind with the following Best Practices tips. … Read More

Connecting The Dots: it’s 1099 time, don’t make this common mistake!

Well friends, it’s that time of year to send out 1099′s and/or W-2‘s.  Except for those few people still doing their own payroll, W-2’s are typically done by your payroll company or CPA/Bookkeeper.  BTW…If you are still doing your own payroll, we really need to talk.. However 1099’s are often issued directly by a small… Read More