Do Not Decrease Your Marketing

This is exactly the time that you should be ramping UP your marketing efforts…create your superior access vehicles, deliver your attraction marketing devices, purchase appealing promotional products, network more, and everything else you can think of to enhance your image and credibility and make your competition irrelevant. While working for two major marketing and management… Read More

Identify YOUR Target Market With This Strategy–Create an Avatar

In my coaching efforts with small business owners, I find that one of the most overlooked items when designing a marketing campaign is also one of the most important and should never be skipped:  identifying your target population.  It sounds so basic, yet it is so regularly skipped.  Most of the business owners I coach… Read More

Write, Write, Write

I attended Jeffrey Gitomer’s event in London, Ontario this week as a sponsor.   Being a Jersey guy, I really connected with his style and message.   As with my businesses, and many other top marketing pro’s, he totally supports and recommends the position of education based marketing on all levels.  From reports and white papers to… Read More

Buy, Buy, Buy leads to Bye-Bye

There are no shortcuts in the sales process.  I see regularly when creating posts on Facebook or LinkedIn, at networking events or even on live sales calls, people who are just selling, selling, selling….virtually begging people to buy, buy, buy…this approach leads your prospects to say “Bye-Bye”. We save you time!!  We save you money!! … Read More

Attract more leads being an INFOpreneur..

We’ve all heard of Entrepreneurs…and then Solopreneurs..and of course Mompreneurs…the newest iteration is INFOpreneurs…even though the word was originally registered as a trademark (USPTO) on February 1 1984 by Harold F. Weitzen. In 1988, H. Skip Weitzen published “Infopreneurs: Turning Data Into Dollars” (John Wiley & Sons).” As defined by Wikipedia, an” Infopreneur is a… Read More