Connecting The Dots–Goal Setting Time!!!–The Captain and the Crew

Welcome to year end 2014! Most people are working on setting their goals for the upcoming year right now.  Their are numerous strategies for goal setting.  One of the most popular being setting SMART goals.  What are SMART goals?? Specific–Measureable–Attainable–Realistic–Timely Your goals should push you to overachieve while at the same time being realistic. Everyone… Read More

Write, Write, Write

I attended Jeffrey Gitomer’s event in London, Ontario this week as a sponsor.   Being a Jersey guy, I really connected with his style and message.   As with my businesses, and many other top marketing pro’s, he totally supports and recommends the position of education based marketing on all levels.  From reports and white papers to… Read More

Buy, Buy, Buy leads to Bye-Bye

There are no shortcuts in the sales process.  I see regularly when creating posts on Facebook or LinkedIn, at networking events or even on live sales calls, people who are just selling, selling, selling….virtually begging people to buy, buy, buy…this approach leads your prospects to say “Bye-Bye”. We save you time!!  We save you money!! … Read More

Attract more leads being an INFOpreneur..

We’ve all heard of Entrepreneurs…and then Solopreneurs..and of course Mompreneurs…the newest iteration is INFOpreneurs…even though the word was originally registered as a trademark (USPTO) on February 1 1984 by Harold F. Weitzen. In 1988, H. Skip Weitzen published “Infopreneurs: Turning Data Into Dollars” (John Wiley & Sons).” As defined by Wikipedia, an” Infopreneur is a… Read More

Attraction through Education!!

Having difficulty getting through to your prospects and engaging with them??   I discussed ways of enhancing your direct mail efforts not long ago.  This post is about the phone and e-mail. Do your prospects not return your calls or e-mails? Join the club.  Finding ways to get your target population to respond to your marketing… Read More

Keep Your Feet Moving to Achieve ANY Goal You Have!!!!

A few years ago, while working for Tony Robbins, the world famous personal growth expert, I had the unique experience to walk on fire. That’s right, walked on burning hot coals in my bare feet!!  This was not only one of the most exciting experiences in my life, but it also provided me with one… Read More