Builders (and other small businesses) Beware

Managing a contracting firm, or any small business, is complex.  You probably started as a framer for someone else and thought, “I can do this.”  Although you’re probably a fabulous framer, you quickly found out that running a business is hard.  Really hard. You have to juggle finding new customers, estimating, scheduling of client appointments… Read More

Payroll Tips For Small Businesses

What Small Businesses Need To Know About Payroll The best time to switch payroll companies is coming up shortly with the start of the New Year.  NOW is the time to start reviewing your current payroll solution to decide whether it is still the right solution for you.  Many things about your business may have… Read More

Important update for ALL Massachusetts Employers

MANDATORY POSTER UPDATE Note that all employers must update their workplace posters to reflect a change made to the maternity leave law.  All ConnectPay clients can view information on this in our HR Helpline portal, which you receive from us for FREE.  If you are not a client of ConnectPay, ask your payroll company if… Read More