Connecting The Dots–Rhode Island has changed poster requirements

To my RI friends.

If you have employees be aware that you need to update your Workplace Posters.
The quick summary from our friends at Poster Elite are as follows:

Minimum Wage: The Rhode Island Department of Labor updated the Minimum Wage posting. Effective January 1, 2016, the minimum wage will increase to $9.60 per hour and $7.20 for tipped employees. The posting provides a new section for employees receiving gratuities, which is $3.39 per hour. There have also been minor changes to punctuation usage and the revision date has been updated.

You can visit the following site to print out the separate components, both state and federal for free from the state of Rhode Island.

Clients of ConnectPay can also purchase a full color, full sized, Federal and State Poster for a very reasonable price.

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