Three ideas you need to think about NOW for the Holidays

The Holidays?  Are you kidding me?

Actually no, it is the time right now to start thinking about how you’re going to reward employees, thank your clients, and run your business better.

Rewarding Employees

Employee satisfaction should always be a top-of-mind concern for any small business owner.  You can’t attract and retain customers without top notch employees.  Those who share in your ethics, belief systems, and dedication to serving.
How do you attract and retain such employees though?

Having a wonderful, employee-centric corporate culture is where it all begins. Rewarding employees for their hard work and contributing to the positive corporate culture is absolutely essential.  You can speak with your current promotional product company to help select items and you can then house them and hand them out when appropriate.

Or, you can utilize one of only a handful of companies in the country who have a system to help you to do this in a seamless, easy, way using a password protected employee portal full of exciting, creative, gifts whereby you can build raving fan employees.  We are one such company.

Some ideas for this portal include a collection of gifts for when employees receive promotions; an award portion of the site to reward employees who have done something exceptional; or access to custom embroidered apparel so that your employees can be walking billboards, marketing your business wherever they go.  We can build this no cost exclusive portal for you and help you to select the gifts and apparel.

Client Gifting

Many companies like to provide gifts to their clients during the holidays.  With a similar branded portal to the employee portal, you could send letters to your clients during the holidays (or other times of the year), providing them with a password to go “shopping.” You could have many passwords each one providing access to different valued collections.  A client spending X with you would have different selections than a client spending 2X or 3X and should include custom embroidered, logo’d apparel so that like your employees, they can be walking, talking, billboards for your company.  We can work with you to build the site (at no charge) and select the different items, all of which have your logo emblazoned on them.

Annual Payroll Review 

You should review most of your processes and service vendors at the end of each year to make sure that they are still serving the purpose they were initially selected and implemented for.  These could be web designers, social media managers, bookkeepers, accountants, lawyers, public relations consultants, management consultants, software programs, CRM’s, and a host of others.  This is a time consuming process and should be started now rather than waiting until the last minute.

One of these processes that many companies don’t re-evaluate is their payroll process.  It is essential that you do this at least every two years, even if you are satisfied with your current vendor.  Their is a perception that switching payroll companies is a hassle.  That can be true, particularly with big payroll providers, however, using a smaller local provider, like ConnectPay, makes it a simple process.

Questions to think about in the review include, but are not limited to:
If you’re doing it in house, is it time to outsource?  If you’re already outsourcing, are you using the right company?  If you’re a small business and using one of the huge payroll providers, should you consider a smaller, local provider?  Are you still using paychecks rather direct deposit?  Are you paying at the correct frequency in your state(s)?  If you bought your workers compensation insurance, health insurance, or 401(k) plan from your payroll company, are there better options by using local experts in these areas?

We’re happy to help you with this review and make recommendations on how you can improve your payroll processes.

Call us at +1 (774) 218-9486 or Email us to discuss any or all of these programs.


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