Connecting The Dots–Some recent successes

Happy July!!!

So we’re half way through 2014.  I hope your year is turning out to be everything you had hoped and planned for.  Here at ConnectPay, we’re having a banner year.  Our very unique model of combining old fashioned, world class, customer service with best-of-breed proprietary software is really gaining traction.

Our choice to not become licensed for insurance or investments as most of our competitors have, both large and small, is proving to be a choice which is in the best interest of our clients.  Insurance and investments are very complicated products and are best left in the hands of professionals.  From the clients we gain from other payroll companies, we see regularly:  poorly designed 401(k)’s and health insurance plans; employees improperly classified for workers compensation; mistakes made on taxes; small businesses being massively over charged; and many more very problematic situations.

Although we aren’t licensed for these complex insurance and investment products we can still help.  We have designed ways to share your payroll data with the vendors of YOUR choice, in some cases to move money on your behalf and to connect you with experts in these areas.

Here’s some specifics of situations we’ve uncovered and helped to solve in just the last couple weeks:

–         A small design / print shop using a national Payroll provider overpaying 215% for an equal service

–         A large Veterinary practice overpaying the nation’s largest Payroll Provider by 28%, while significantly wasting hours calculating and reporting hourly wages. Our solution is estimated to save them $400,000+ of direct and indirect costs over seven years.

–         A spa that had mistake after mistake by their national payroll provider, who then switched to a local Payroll provider for health insurance and 401(k) who also made mistake after mistake.

Although we can’t guarantee that we can save our clients money, in most cases our design and reasonable prices do result in efficiencies of time and direct cost savings.

If you would like a FREE Consultation to review your current pricing and systems, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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